GOLD, USD, What's next?

People create, people trust, people own.

Credit money, like other commodities, is subject to continuous and fierce competition and mutual plunder. Credit money established in the crypto world may not necessarily become the ultimate form of our value medium, but it can be scalable without being pushed by the oligarchs for unlimited issuance.
It's like the pound and the Industrial Revolution, the US dollar and the Second World War. No matter how entrenched the established mainstream credit currency is, people's trading needs and expectations will always bring the most suitable currency to the stage. And this time, we think it's DUSD and blockchain. (Perhaps, shall the "international currency" be called metaverse currency?)
The European debt crisis, Lehman Brothers, and the global financial crisis, each of those crises is an opportunity for crypto credit stablecoin.
Occupy Wall Street, GameStop, Doge, every time we speak up is the death knell of the old order.
"BASIS OF CREDIT, OWNER OF VALUE. "Let's just make it happen.


BONFire is deploying the first truly available decentralized credit-stablecoin system.
Around cost, monetary value capture and fair governance, BONFire is exploring a future of financial systems that belong to us and the crypto world as well. BONFire is to focus on algorithmic credit and liquidity value, volatility and expected return capture to form a fully transparent and decentralized financial protocol suite. May blockchain bless us, this time the credit stablecoin will be controlled by the people who gave it credit.
Strictly speaking, this includes an infrastructure network composed of DUSD minting, treasury lending pool, ARBUnstake (like a mini futures), Farm & DEX and ecological Launchpad, and an expanding ecosystem of smart contract credit stablecoin around DUSD. We choose and drive our beliefs!
BONFire is dedicated to igniting the flame of hope in the darkness where native credit value medium is missing in the crypto world, attracting DeFi travelers and explorers.
Let’s create and own credit.