If you want to make a fire, start by logging.

🦉 Owl Calling

Summon an owl for your Ethereum address, that is, you will receive WOOD bonus for completing your email subscription. (Each email and Ethereum address is eligible to get bonus once.)
Check each of the following BONFire emails, and you will get a surprise.

🔥 Explorer Enlisted

Burn out old ideas and become an explorer of the new world. Explorer Enlisted airdrops WOOD to all users who have previously topped up CEX assets in an amount related to the current value of the historical topped up assets. (Sold your ETH at $900? Well, you still have WOOD to use for the fire.)
All WOOD holders can lock their WOOD to vote for the next Explorer Enlisted CEX.
Round 1 of Explorer Enlisted rules
  • Ethereum snapshot time: 10 December 2021 UTC+3
  • ETH Ratio: 1ETH=10WOOD
  • USDT, USDC, DAI ratio: 1USDs=1WOOD

👩‍🌾 Farm&Forest

Use BONFarm to share WOOD according to your asset ratio. (BONFire also needs support from whales.)
This depends on the official launch of Farm. It is to be available soon!

🎁 Call My Bro

Invite your friends to log with you. Share the invite link to join the lumberjack group, and you may get an additional special bonus.


Participate in Twitter, Medium, or TG group activities from BONFire and other partners, get WOOD CODE and a fixed or random amount of WOOD bonus (depending on the release type) as well.