About WOOD, $BON & $DUSD

WOOD, $BON and DUSD are progressive value levers.


WOOD is a private Layer 2 point asset managed with a private key signature, which is used to measure and evaluate a user's community contribution. There is no gas fee to use WOOD.

BONFire releases WOOD through people's behavior on the chain, interaction with BONFire, activity in the BONFire community and other contributions.


BON is the underlying asset that drives the entire BONFire protocol. It is deployed on the Ethereum mainnet. Gas fee is required to use BON.

BON is BONFire's governance token. Of course, in order to ensure stable growth, it will appropriately continue to absorb some value from the DUSD network.


DUSD is the credit stablecoin issued by the BONFire protocol.

We could understand it as a stable currency issued by the Federal Reserve in a parallel world, but it only supports the exchange of crypto assets for this stablecoin. BONFire ensures 1:1 anchoring of DUSD to USD at this stage by controlling minting costs, expanding liquidity scenarios, ongoing external value capture and good liquidity.

We could also understand it as a bond with an acceptance window. When you pay BTC (WBTC), ETH or other crypto assets listed as reserve assets, the BONFire protocol will pay you DUSD based on the value of these assets.

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