What is WOOD?

WOOD is BONFire's user fuel. It is to be released based on factors including but not limited to people's community contributions, real use, and community identity.

What can WOOD be used for?

WOOD can be exchanged for BONFire NFT, BON, BONFire LaunchPad Whitelist, etc.

What is the difference between WOOD and BON?

WOOD is a Layer 2 asset managed with a private key signature. It is used to measure and evaluate a user's community contribution. There is no gas fee to use WOOD.
BON is the underlying asset that drives the entire BONFire protocol. It is deployed on the Ethereum mainnet. Gas fee is required to use BON.


BONFire hates the Gas War. It is unfair to rely on a single asset count and bots to allocate certain community resources in the era when identity on the chain has not yet been formed.
Real users, long-term support and participation are more worthy of rewarding. We want to ensure that WOOD, BON can be truly a BONFirer Claim through fair rules!
WOOD can accumulate weights through multiple dimensions, shaping BONFirer's identity, so that more magical products can be realized!

WOOD economy

Generally speaking, all resources in the crypto world are allocated according to information gap, asset volume, and bot technology. For example, a whitelist quota of IDO, a batch of newly launched NFT, and a certain Alpha asset just launched are usually distributed in an extremely unfair form.
It takes time for information to be transmitted and consensus to be established, and even the blockchain does not ensure that unique identity is created, and any other methods that can be attached by bots are also difficult to achieve fairness as well. Different teams have tried many ways to avoid these problems, such as tracing data on the chain, or setting up question competitions about the project, and so on. Unfortunately, none of these worked out as we expected.
WOOD will not be released through a single standard in a short period of time, which means it is difficult to be monopolized by whales, bots and early members relying on their advantages, and everyone can participate fairly and get distribution.
Also, WOOD is ready-to-use points, as you can't be sure whether its release will increase rapidly as users grow. Treasure chest and Burnpools mechanisms can also effectively ensure that the game works if there is too much WOOD in circulation, thus curbing the inflation of WOOD.