Two goals

To let more DUSD be released, which means:

  • BONFire DAO will attract and accommodate more high-growth assets that represent the future of the crypto world;

  • With ARBUnstake, DUSD can capture more speculative value in market fluctuations and fill itself with it;

  • DUSD will have a wider circulation foundation and more continuous demands to support long-term stability;

  • BONFire DAO will be able to have more positions to capture more liquidity value for the DUSD ecosystem through mechanisms such as Loan or Farm.

To ensure that DUSD is anchored to the US dollar at this stage, which requires:

  • DUSD issuance and liquidity incentives provided by $BON;

  • $BON's value capturing of the DUSD system to ensure its stability and effective driving for DUSD ecosystem;

  • Continuous, direct DUSD-USDs liquidity filling and destruction obtained from capturing speculative value;

  • Continuous, direct DUSD-USDs liquidity filling and destruction derived from providing liquidity value;

  • Buyback and destruction when DUSD is in negative premium with USDs (when DUSD is in positive premium with USDs, people will be driven to forge new DUSD to realize arbitrage and thus continuously expand the DUSD Treasury);

  • BONFire metaverse protocol suite such as DeFi, GameFi, NFT and D-Game, which are incubated by BONLaunch, and built around DUSD and BON, to increase the application scenarios of DUSD;

  • More crypto protocols that support DUSD, such as Curve, etc.

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